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UCLA Student Loan Services and Collections
UCLA Student Loan Services and Collections - About Us

Loan Services Office

The Loan Services Office, located in Murphy Hall, is responsible for administering long-term educational loans, such as Perkins, Health Professions, and Direct Loans; GPLS and PLUS; as well as private auxiliary loans. We provide loan documents to students accepting campus-based loan offers, such as University/Regents Loans.

Most loans are disbursed by electronic fund transfer (EFT). EFT amounts deposit directly into student’s BruinBill. The Loan Services Office requests and reconciles these electronic fund transfers; returns all unused or ineligible funds, whether paper or electronic, to lenders when required by loan program guidelines.

Our office provides online Debt Management - Entrance Counseling for all first-time UCLA borrowers that highlight the borrower and lender rights and obligations. We are available to help students with budgeting issues. The Loan Services Office also offers interest-free short-term loans to qualifying, currently registered students with urgent financial need. Exit statements and instructional materials are prepared for all campus-based loan borrowers who drop below half-time status or leave UCLA.

In short, the Loan Services Office takes care of matters concerning:

  • Electronic loan disbursement
  • Paper loan check disbursement
  • Parent PLUS Loan disbursement
  • Debt Management - online Entrance Counseling
  • Exit Interview packaging and counseling
  • Campus-based loan document processing
  • Short-term loans
  • Budget counseling

Financial Wellness Program (FWP)

The Financial Wellness Program, centered within the Loan Services Office, strives to empower all Bruins to confidently navigate their finances in a way that supports their overall well-being. This program fosters financial literacy skills through workshops, coaching and online educational efforts.

Additionally, its aim is to encourage students to know who, when and why to ask for help.

Overall, the program centralizes and advocates for student economic support services on campus. Visit the Financial Wellness Program website at for further information.

In short, the Financial Wellness Program provides:

  • Webinars on various financial topics
  • Workshops with a holistic focus
  • Peer-to-peer coaching
  • Insightful budgeting methods and practices
  • Connection to support services

Collections Office

Located at the Wilshire Center in Westwood, the Collections Office provide counselors to assist students in understanding and managing their campus-based student loans throughout repayment.

Students who have entered repayment on their student loans can contact their counselor at the Collections Office to discuss deferments, consolidations, repayment plans and any other issues pertaining to Perkins Loans, Regents Loans, and Health Professions or Nursing Loans.

With extensive experience and contacts in the student loan area, counselors are also able to provide general guidance to borrowers of lender-based loans such as Stafford/FFEL and Direct Loans.

In addition to the administration of UCLA’s campus-based long-term loans, the office collects defaulted debts on the behalf of various campus departments and creditors. If your account has been referred to our office, we will work with you on mutually acceptable repayment terms to resolve your obligations.

Counselors are assigned their accounts alphabetically, based the first letter of the account holder's last name. You may e-mail at any time; your counselor will be glad to respond to your inquiries and assist you.

To summarize, the Collections Office takes care of matters concerning:

  • Campus-based student loan repayment
  • Temporary alternative payment plans
  • Deferments
  • Cancellations
  • Debt management counseling
  • Resolution of delinquencies
  • Delinquent long- and short-term loan recovery
  • Campus delinquent debt recovery
  • Exit follow-up questions