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UCLA Student Loan Services and Collections
Welcome to UCLA Student Loan Services and Collections

Managing your money effectively while in college is very important to your financial success after college. With this in mind, the Loan Services unit has developed MyLoanData. MyLoanData is your portal to information on the federal (Direct, Perkins, Stafford, Grad PLUS, Direct Grad PLUS, Health Profession Loans, etc.) and University of California (UC)/campus-based loans you borrowed during your studies at UCLA as well as any other loan/debt you may have acquired. The site offers tools to assist you in estimating your future periodic student loan payment amount(s). MyLoanData also includes important information and links pertaining to graduate, professional, and transfer students, as well as loan consolidation.

To access, via links found on the MyLoanData portal pages, the various websites where you can retrieve and review your information, you will need to have ready the following:

It is recommended that you print (on paper or as a pdf) any page of your MyLoanData experience that you think will be helpful to have as a future reference. (Please remember to store all personal financial records safely and securely, whether in paper or electronic form.)

Strive for financial success.

Visit MyLoanData by clicking here