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UCLA Student Loan Services and Collections
Welcome to UCLA Student Loan Services and Collections

IF you are a UCLA student or UCLA UNEX student who while attending has borrowed from:

  • a non-campus-based student loan program and/or
  • a campus-based student loan program

AND if you are a UCLA student or UCLA UNEX student who within or at the end of the current term will:

  • graduate/separate
  • enroll below half-time (under 6 units for undergraduates; under 4 units for graduates)
  • take a leave of absence or cease enrollment

Federal regulations and UCLA require that you complete the UCLA Loan Exit Interview/ Counseling process.

Step 1: Needed Info & Computer Requirements

Before you begin, make certain you have the following:

  • Your FSA ID (If your FSA ID is unavailable/lost, go to and request a new/duplicate one.)
  • Your UCLA Logon ID
  • Home and work contact information for your spouse (if applicable)
  • Home and work contact information for one of your parents/guardians/next of kin
  • Home and work contact information for three references.
    Your references can not be students, nor individuals living at the same address with you, your parents/guardians/next of kin or each other. You may not use as a reference the parent/guardian/next of kin you have already listed. Siblings who are over 21 years of age and living on their own can be listed as references.
  • Computer capable of running either: Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0+; Mozilla Firefox 19.0+; Apple Safari 5.1+; Chrome 27.0+
  • Ability to temporarily disable any pop-up blocking software

If you don’t know the types of loans you have borrowed, use MyLoanData (as found in the Loan Services section of the FELSS website at to investigate.

Message to exiting UCLA students: Please update your contact information on MyUCLA before proceeding with the exit interview/counseling process.

Message to exiting UNEX students: Please update your mailing address by going to the UNEX website at and click on the tab marked ‘My Extension’. Update your profile before proceeding with the exit interview/counseling process.

When the University’s record system indicates it’s time for you to exit, you will receive an email from the Loan Services unit of FELSS inviting you to access the online exit process. If you received a loan exit interview notice, please proceed by clicking the link provided and sign in using your UCLA logon.

Step 2: Complete Your Loan Exit Interview/Counseling

Loans for which students are required to complete the loan exit process fall into one of two groups: non-campus-based and campus-based loans. To determine which group each loan in your portfolio belongs, match your loan(s) to the following lists —

Non-Campus-Based Federal Student Loans:

  • William D. Ford Direct Loan Program
    • Direct Subsidized & Unsubsidized Loan
    • Direct PLUS Loan (for graduate/professional students)
  • Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL)
    • Subsidized & Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan
    • Federal PLUS Loan (for graduate/professional students)

Campus-Based Loans (Federal, State, or Institutional):

  • Federal Perkins Loan (or NDSL)
  • Health Professions Student Loan (HPSL)
  • Loans for Disadvantaged Students (LDS)
  • Nursing Student Loan (NSL)
  • Primary Care Loan (PCL)
  • Robert Noyce Teacher Scholars Repayable Scholarship
  • University/Regents Loans (institutional loans such as the Beckwith, Goldwyn, Harker, Hershey, Hollywood Canteen, Kaplan, McCoy, and Schurch Loans, etc.)
  • California Dream Loan
  • University Dream Loan

Carefully read and follow the instructions provided on the ‘Portal’ page of the online Exit Interview. To access, click on the More Information button found in the Loan Services section of the Financial Education, Loans and Support Services (FELSS) website at; from there, click the Exit Interview tab and follow the on-screen instructions. You must complete the loan interview/counseling associated with the loan program group from which you borrowed your loan(s).

Failure to meet exit requirements will result in a hold on your records that will prevent access to your grades, transcripts and diploma.

Step 3: Complete Your Personal Data Page

Exit hold removal will not occur unless you completing the personal data page by the guidelines listed below. Some demographics required that make up the form are:

  • Parents/Guardians: You must provide the name and address of your mother/father/guardian/next of kin. If that person is not employed, you may leave the request for his/her work information blank. The same applies to the person's email address.

  • References: Provide three personal references who: have known you for three or more years; are over 21; do not reside with you, each other, or your parents/guardians/next of kin; and are not students or anyone you already listed. Choosing a sibling as a reference is acceptable, providing that he/she meets the reference requirements above. Providing reference information is mandatory. (Please note if a reference is not employed, you may leave the request field blank. The same applies regarding his/her email address.) If you are unable to provide the required information, choose another person. Your employment information and email address are required if such exists.

Electronically signing the exit is your certification that all of the information being submitted is true and correct.

Step 4: Print & Save Each Completion Confirmation

After you have completed and submitted your required personal data information and online loan exit interview/counseling, keep copies of your confirmations in a safe place for reference. Review loan documents periodically, especially prior to repayment. Your completion confirmation record(s) will be delivered to SLS&C in about three business days.

(UCLA attempts to provide up-to-date information in our Bruin Dollars and $ense How To Series. Please be aware that the content of this document is based upon information that was correct at the time of publication. All information pertaining to and gathered from both UCLA and other sources is subject to change without notice.)